5 Common Pitfalls When You Rent a Truck (And How to Avoid Them).

Posted by Premier Truck Rental on Dec 22, 2016 4:33:03 PM

When it comes to corporate truck rental today, any Fleet Manager can tell you there are several rental providers to choose from across the nation. Each truck rental company has its claim to fame, but how can you separate the truth from the smoke and mirrors? Making the wrong decision when it comes to truck rentals can cost your company hassle, money, and could even put you in a position to lose a contract.

To make sure your next truck rental experience isn't a major failure, we've put together a list of common pitfalls when choosing a truck rental company. 

1) You make your decision between providers based on the cheapest rate.


Rental pricing is always a factor when bidding out any project, but when it comes to truck rental, the saying "you get what you pay for" rings true. Sometimes the lowest cost provider may show the cheapest rate on the front end, but you may be forced to make up for that savings in surprise fees upon return of the vehicle. These could be from mileage overage fees or other unforseen charges some rental companies stick in the fine print. Additionally, the quality of product you get may cost you valuable up-time on the jobsite if you're frequently having to deal with break downs.

Trucks are a tool, and the cheapest tool isn't always the best one for the job. From ensuring your towing capacity is adequate, to having the proper upfit items on your flatbed rental truck, having the right type of rental truck is key to optimizing your crews' work hours on the jobsite. If you pay more in monthly truck rental for the right 4x4 rental truck, your job time could be shortened. 

Paying more on the front end for a higher quality provider may benefit you in the long run. Much like your experience at a 1-star vs. a 4-star hotel, the price may be higher, but you are provided with a higher quality product and better customer service.

2) You skim through the fine print on the rental agreement.


There is a reason truck rental companies condense a 4-page document written in technical legalese into 1 page - to legally cover themselves. Frequently renters overlook the importance of asking for a rental agreement upfront, and going line by line through the document to address questions prior to anyone signing the dotted line. Mileage requirements, damage policies, rental rate, late fees, service agreements, and more are listed within this document, meaning it's an important one to read and understand. If you have a concern with the rental agreement, talk with your sales rep to see if they can address the concern or even change the wording of the document so your legal department will sign off on the contract.

3). You sacrifice crew efficiency by not getting the truck you need, and settling for what’s available.


Depending on which truck rental companies you are considering, they may have multiple locations and multiple truck rental configurations. From flatbed truck rental, to trailer rental, chances are your jobsite has an ideal size and type of vehicle that will get your job done. Pipeline contractors need a 5500 flatbed truck with a gooseneck flatbed trailer, Utility Contractors need a Utility Tilt Trailer that can haul a UTV rental, etc.

If you don't do your research before committing to a rental company, you won't know what their full product offering is or what their typical stock availability looks like. You could find yourself needing a 2-ton flatbed rental, and being stuck with a 1-ton pickup rental due to availability of your rental provider. To prepare yourself for the next project, always ask the rental company where you can easily access their available inventory listing. (Some companies will even email it out to you directly each week).

4). You don’t check the company’s track record.


In the Rental Truck business, reviews and referrals are key. Talking with a fellow fleet manager who has worked with the rental company before is your best bet to get solid information. They can tell you if delivery was on time, quality of the vehicles was as promised, if return and damage policies were fair, and even how a specific rental company compares to competitors.

Don't know any fleet managers in the industry to reach out to? Make sure you check out google+ and facebook reviews for the company. We encourage all of our customers to tell us how we're doing on both Facebookand Google+.

5) You waste time renting from multiple providers for a single job, when you could’ve rented it all (or most of it) from one equipment rental company.


This goes back to doing your research. Sometimes a truck rental company can carry more than just pickup rentals, flatbed rentals, utility truck rentals. Trailer rentals, dump truck rentals, customization of rentals, are all different products and services Premier Truck Rental offers that most competitors do not.

What's the benefit of choosing a company like Premier that can source all of your jobsite rental needs? The whole rental process is simplified. You have a single source provider and only one phone call to make when you are awarded a project. On-time deliveries are coordinated, cost savings are provided from delivering multiple units at once, and even billing is made easier.

 Avoid these mistakes when you rent your next truck, and make sure your next rental experience isn't a painful one.


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