Top 4 Ways to Upfit your Flatbed Rental

Posted by Premier Truck Rental on Dec 8, 2016 4:12:15 PM

As a fleet manager winding down the 2016 work year, you’re already planning to gear up for January and the business that Q1 brings to the construction, clean energy, and pipeline industries. Keeping your crews safe and happy while meeting project budgets can feel like an impossible task.

We want to help. We’ve compiled a list of custom Flatbed Truck options to meet the needs of your foreman and safety coordinators, without breaking the bank. From under-hood air compressors that save valuable storage space, to installing ladder racks and generators, Premier Truck Rental can create the right Flatbed Truck rental for your jobsite. 

Flatbed Truck Rental for Heavy Construction

Commercial construction projects call for more than just a standard flatbed. The bed of your flatbed work truck is valuable real estate, and you can use it wisely with the Heavy Construction Flatbed rental shown below. Double stacked toolboxes allow for maximizing storage and keeping tools secured from theft. Pull out tool trays allow for easy access to frequently used tools, and a ladder rack gives you the flexibility to transport materials as needed.


Customized additions to this FB: Double Stacked aluminum toolboxes with pull out tool shelves. Ladder rack with utility hooks and materials cage.


Welder Flatbed Rental Truck

For welding teams, this upfit includes everything you need for a mobile welding workstation. Tie downs for your tanks, a welder/generator to power tools, and torch hose conveniently located in one place; the back of your bed.




 Customized add-on’s:  Welder/Generator installed, Torch Hose, B&W Turnover Ball Gooseneck Hitch, Headache rack.


Stakebed Truck Rental

When you need the versatility of a flatbed body, but you’re hauling material like brush for a job, our stakebed flatbed rental is your best option. Medium or Tall stake sides can be added to most of the flatbed trucks within our fleet. Side stake pockets make for easy install and removal. This gives you the option to use the turnover ball gooseneck hitch if you have the need for hauling a gooseneck trailer. (We have gooseneck trailer rentals, too). 



Customized Upfit Items: 9’ Platform Body with added stake bed removable sides.Tall and Medium height sides available.


Transmission Crew Flatbed Truck Rental

Until a flatbed rental has been field tested, it’s hard to know just how well a custom upfit is going to work for any given industry. Which is why we’ve taken the guess-work out of the equation for you. In the past 2 years we have consistently tried different and new configurations for multiple rentals in different industries, resulting in flatbed work trucks that are tried, tested, and rent ready. Our Transmission Crew Flatbed Truck Rental is a product of this effort. After input from several large utility contractors, we found the below configuration of additional toolboxes, ladder rack, and transfer tank meets remote jobsite needs and allow crews to effectively get their jobs done. An under-hood air compressor and/or generator can be an added bonus for this flatbed upfit.  


Upfit includes: Flatbed with ladder rack, additional side body toolboxes, Fuel Transfer Tank & Toolbox Combo, underbody toolboxes.


Additional Custom Upfit Options

If a custom 1 ton or 2 ton Flatbed Rental doesn’t meet your needs, chances are we’ve got the truck that does. We can customize everything in our product lines, from ladder racks on pickup truck rentals, to additional strobes packages, and even custom fit c-tech toolboxes for our service truck rentals. Trailer rentals can be added to any of our truck rentals as well, and provide a simple way to have all of your equipment needs addressed on one work order. 


Check out our Custom Upfit Gallery here.



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