Safety and Security when Towing Your Trailer

Posted by Alana Abraham on Oct 26, 2016 3:31:56 PM

Premier Truck Rental has just introduced trailers to our fleet, and we want to ensure everyone is informed on how to safely connect and load your trailers. Improperly connecting a trailer to your tow vehicle, or improperly loading your trailer can result in serious injuries and accidents. It’s important for trailer users to always take the time to safely hook up, examine, and load their trailer. Here’s a list of safety steps to help you safely operate a utility trailer.


No.1-1.gif   Check your truck’s towing capacity. Confirm the truck can handle the weight of your trailer and the intended materials you’ll be hauling.

No.2-1.gif  Check your hitch, receiver, ball, and coupler size to ensure your towing equipment is compatible together.

No.3-1.gif  Line up hitch receiver, and secure the coupler. Place your safety pin and cotter pin to prevent your hitch from releasing from your receiver.

No.4-1.gif  The two safety chains must be crisscrossed and latched to your truck.

No.5-1.gif  Next, clip your trailer breakaway device to your truck.

No.6-1.gif  Connect trailer plug and test your lights. Hazard lights, Left/Right turn signal, and brake lights.

No.7-1.gif  Check your brakes, and the truck brake settings.

No.8-1.gif  Test trailer’s tire pressure and tread.

No.9-1.gif  Have your mirrors set correctly, so you always see your trailer behind you.

no.10.gif  Verify trailer documentation is up to date.

no.11.gif  When you’re ready to start loading your trailer, (in most cases) your trailer tongue weight should be between 10% and 15% of the trailer load.

no.12.gif  Make sure you’re fastening down your load with the appropriate straps and d-rings.

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